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The resistance and the versatility of this super exotic quartzite provides fosters freedom in the creation of projects

The Portuguese city of Evora, homonym of this quartzite, endured conflicts and wars for centuries. The northeast region of Brazil, where it is extracted, also endures drought and high temperatures. Resistance, therefore, is embedded in the origins of this strong ornamental rock, but demands delicate manual cares.
This super exotic goes through the whole “handmade” process in its production, worked with the exclusive technique named Amagran signature, in which it is processed respecting its identity and the signs of nature. Its brushed finishing demands an intense handcraft work so that this rustic application reveals all of its beauty and splendor. The polished, which also demands this care, pleases those who want to give a modern touch to the decoration. The objective of all this concern is to meet the highest levels of demands in the market.
Versatile, there are no restrictions for the use of Evora in any environment and its maintenance is so easy that can be compared to the surface of a glass, since it is so easy to clean.
In this color, it is possible to use the material associated with different forms and finishing elements, ensuring freedom of project. Matching it with different types of wood is a safe bet to guarantee a rustic and sophisticated charm to all the places where it is applied.