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The Superlative attributes a noble atmosphere to this audacious project

The covering choice for a bathroom says a lot about the personality of the room. But when the Superlative comes into play, its versatility manages to embrace the needs of both those who follow the latest tendencies of architecture and decoration and those who have a more traditional and classic style.
Besides this remarkable characteristic of embracing all the genres, the predominant color of this marble gives a clean aspect, fosters a feeling of wideness in the visual range, and relaxation and calmness, elementary features for the success of the results in any type of project developed for the room.
In this environment especially, its exquisite natural patterns guarantee a unique aesthetic value and solemn coziness, converting all the imposingness of a toilet completely covered by the material.
Lightness, rusticity, elegance, and simplicity are contradictory adjectives that manage to make part of a sophisticated unit that is the highlight of this environment in which the Superlative rules absolutely.

The production and finishing process conducted allow the lengthy contact with water without damage, reason why the rock was applied all over the bathtub, which gets majestic forms with textures, besides being extremely resistant and beautiful.

The option of constructing a “fragmented” porch reinforces a noble and elegant appearance, but with a rustic attitude due to the rudimental technique of hammering in which it was shaped.

Besides romantic, candles give a special touch helping provide moments of calm and reflection in bath time. The Superlative marble sideboard provides the necessary charm to receive these beautiful decoration objects.