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The chef Ana Mirinha teaches us a recipes that comes from Portugal straight to your worktop

This recipe is Portuguese, for sure! It is a family recipe as well. The chef and personal cooking Ana Mirinha, revealed how to prepare the bread that is a real delicacy and tastes like infancy for her. “My family on my mother’s side is from Alentejo and this recipe is traditional there. I grew up eating this bread”, says Mirinha.
In order to make this piece better, the chef gives the tip. “It has a hard crust and a soft crumb, therefore, it is perfect to eat it with soups! It is important to make it on a granite because it is not a porous stone, actually, it is recommended by the health surveillance”, she states. Prepare your worktop, follow the steps, and wait for compliments.

Alentejo bread recipe
1 kg of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of salt, 50g of dried yeast and ½ L of warm water

1 - Put most of the wheat flour in a bowl and store the rest.
2 - Next, add salt and the crumbled yeast.
3 - Add the warm water gradually, mix, and crush it until it gets a homogeneous texture, then go to the worktop.
4 - Keep adding the remaining wheat flour and keep crushing it until the dough is really homogeneous and not gluey anymore.
5 - Cover the dough and let it rest for two hours
6 - After, powder the baking tray with wheat and take the bread to the oven to bake, in medium fire, pre-heated, for around 1 hour.