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Social program turning little fighters into great winners in the rings and in life

The bell rang. It was his last round in Vitoria, Espirito Santo. The fight against the difficulties of being a professional boxer was the biggest of all, the one that almost made him throw in the towel and let himself be knocked out by life. But Adailton Santos, “Dhal”, dodged this great opponent opening his guard for two entrepreneurs and a new idea.
Adailton is from Bahia. He is 40 years old and practices boxing since he was 9. He was 14 when he fought in his first state competition and won. Since then, he hasn’t stopped participating in championships and collecting titles. In 2005, he represented the state of Bahia in a championship in ES and was invited to stay. Since then he started teaching at a gym, but the sport in the state didn’t have much influence. He thought about giving up, but it was in this working place where he met Marcelo Araujo, boxing student and entrepreneur in charge of Amagran. Having learned the story of the athlete, Marcelo and his partner, Renato Rezende, decided to help him make his dream come true and ended up making the dreams of many other people come true as well.
“They had the idea of creating a boxing academy and developing a social project of a pugilism school in the place in order to give opportunities to the children in need, initially, in the area of the Jaburuna hill. Together they created the name “Dudhal” and sponsored the structure. Amagran believed in things that not even I believed and today we are reaping the benefits of this great partnership”.
Great benefits! In five years, many boys and girls from the project have become professional athletes with national results. Three of them are in the boxing national team and are training to fight in the Olympic games of 2016. Jessica Carlini is one them. She is the Pan American vice-champion, 13º place in the national rank, trained in the Dominican Republic, in Australia and says she never thought she would go so far. “My arrival in the project was decisive for my life. Today I am someone and I can help my family financially”, says, proudly, one the great bets for the Brazilian female boxing. She came from a poor neighborhood to win the world thanks to the union of the entrepreneurial vision of two businessmen and a boxing coach who got beat up pretty hard, but managed to overcome the obstacles of keeping a successful social project in the country.